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  • The S

    Status update

    May 1, 2019 by The S

    Hey y'alls,

    If you've been paying attention, you'll notice I haven't been as active as I used to lately. Most of the reason has to do with some physical health issues which have been ongoing but have recently gotten worse. There have also been other factors at play, and in accordance to the first part, I also spent almost all of my free time sleeping.

    I'm still popping in from time to time, mostly to do some backend stuff, and I'm working on a reboot of the rules and manual of style that I honestly tried to have belted out a few weeks ago, but I have found that it's taking longer than I'd hoped.

    Special shoutout to Ms.HamatoAlexander for taking care of a lot while I've been away.

    Hopefully I'll recover enough to be on my metaphorical feet befo…

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  • The S

    As a fan of 1:18 scale figures (3.75" and thereabouts), I desperately am hoping to high heaven this gets funded. There are so many great figures to choose from, but to go along with my 1:18 TMNT customs, I'm gonna need Dragon and (if it makes the stretch goal) Flaming Carrot at least.

    If you can, support!

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  • The S

    So when other countries got their hands on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures license, they re-released (or in Division's case, redrew) Archie stuff and released them along their own stuff. I'm talking like Division Comics, Fleetway Publications, and San Paolo.

    So like, how do we wanna handle these? Keep them as Archie continuity, since I don't think any of the original adventures conflict with the Archie stuff so much as just happens "off-page" (i.e. the Turtles do pal around with Moycat in Archie, it just doesn't happen in the Archie-printed books). Give them their own continuity? What about the issues that are just reprints?

    For that matter, what about stuff like Titan's Fast Forward comic? Is it just regular old Fast Forward/200…

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  • The S

    New on TurtlePedia

    June 24, 2018 by The S

    Okay, so apparently some have been confused by this, and I kinda don't blame some people, especially those that haven't been around long, but there's some cleanup going on here to make it easier to navigate, and I'd appreciate if y'alls bear with me.

    • Allies and Villains tags are being restructured under "Friends and Allies" and "Antagonists", respectively.
    • Redundant categories, except when necessary, aren't to be used. This is something I personally wasn't down with initially, but as the Wiki grows, it's become a necessity. Even though there are going to be some characters, especially main ones, with many categories, we'll try to pare down as many as we can to the essentials. That means a season 2 episode of the 2012 series will have "2012 T…
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  • The S


    December 5, 2017 by The S

    Just a request - not a mandate, as it would be way too hard to enforce, but it would sure make my life and I imagine the lives of many others easier.

    If anybody is going to upload images, could you please make sure to make the image file name reflective of the image itself? Trying to find images is nigh impossible when we've got thousands of images with strings of gobbledly-gook (no pun intended) for file names.


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