Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Episode 11 - Mousers Attack!

Time: 20:45

If you all take the time to go back to the episode listed above and go to the time provided, you'll notice a hidden TMNT Easter Egg! The producers of the episode might not have noticed that Clancy Brown (who does the voice for Bradford, Dogpound, and Rahzar) slipped in a subtle remark to the cast and crew. The transcript below reveals Dogpound's "Not for kids" moment.

Donatello: Hang it up Dogpound! Your call just got dropped!

Dogpound*bursting through wall* HELL YEAH! 

Well, there you have it! Don't believe me? Feel free to watch the episode yourself! It's clear that Dogpound's voice actor decided to let one spill! I mean, it was an intense moment, and maybe Clancy was really, really into the scene! No excuses though, a curse word was slipped in TMNT, and it probably led to many young age kids running out their doors yelling, "Hell Yeah!" 

Good going Dogpound! You've corrupted the youth.  

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