What they've done to his character since then is so very wrong. It's the character derailment hurt that keeps on hurting. I've been wanting to see more of the deep, subtle, vulnerable, tsundere, catty, sassy, bitingly sarcastic, playful, vain, prima donna, April-competing, Karai-catfighting, Donnie-girl-trouble-counseling, Donnie-saddorable-teasing, Mikey-hugging, Slash-angsting Raph we came to know and love. He was fun! He was interesting! How quickly he went from being the best-written version of Raphael to being one of the worst-written versions of Raphael.

I keep wishing his version in Amazing Adventures at least had more depth to him again, but AA doesn't seem to have done enough to break the rut its predecessor New Animated Adventures was stuck in—silly side stories with very little real plot consequence.

I guess I have to settle with deviantART.

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