Like Leonardo, I am usually very serious. On more than one occasion, I've been told that I should "lighten up."

When I was a child, I admired him for his bravery and his apparent fearlessness. As an adult, those are still admirable traits, but I also respect his sense of honor.

Some may see me as a "nerd" for liking the Turtles, especially for 20+ years, but if that's the case then I will embrace the title!


  • Favorite Show? I like all the series as each one seems to add a different flavor to the entire franchise.
  • Favorite Turtle? Leonardo has always been my favorite and continues to be so.
  • Favorite Villain? I've always liked Shredder's top henchmen in each series except for the 2003 series which was more serious (but still really good) as they have added some much needed comic relief at times.
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