aka Irin, Felek

  • I was born on May 29
  • My occupation is eat, sleep, eat, sleep...
  • I am unorganized female
Kowabunga Dude!
I'm from Polish wiki about TMNT. We are small site for now, but not for long (I hope so). Thanks to this site I started my own wiki. I can make mistakes in spelling, which is why I will confine myself to minor editions on the sites.

I love TMNT for a long time - especially 2003 TV series. It's my childhood after all :)

  • I saw 1987, 2003 and 2012 TV series, but I haven't read the comics yet.
  • Favorite Turtle - Raphael. He's cool (even in 1987 TV series) :D

See ya~!

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