aka Naddo

  • I live in Oh-ho, wouldn't you like to know?
  • I was born on May 20
  • My occupation is Big sister, amateur writeress
  • I am Female
Michelangelo and raphael

Hey-yo! I'm called HardyGal on here because my first ultimate obbsession was all things the Hardy Boys series, and becuase you'd be crazy to think I'd give you my real name. I'm a homeschooler, the oldest of three other siblings, and if you think I'm weird...? Thanks! I really try!

I once asked my youngest sister which TMNT character she thought I was most like. Her response was 'Mostly Leo, a little bit Raph'. She wasn't very clear, but evidently I yell at her too much, thus why I'm like Raph.

I'm the quotes queen! Slightly overenthusiastic quotes queen, but I am a work in progress.

Random factoids: I'm acrophobic. I love writing, movies and exercising. I'm completely obbsessed with Transformers. I love a lot more things than that which was just written. A very, very large majority of people either won't even check this, or will check this, and not give a dang about what's written.


  • Favorite Show?
    • The 2012 incarnation is the only one I've watched as of yet, and I think it's über cool. Not only that, I think it's the one that most belivably put the first T in TMNT. I might be wrong, and I'm not really one to say this since I haven't SEEN other incarnations of TMNT, but ok. (Sidenote, I really, really want to watch the '07 movie so badly)...
  • Favorite Turtle?
    • Hrmm... Personally, I kinda like all of them. But when it all comes down to it, I think Leonardo is my favorite. Mainly because I can relate to him, being the oldest of four kids (I'm not kidding). Which is weird, 'cause leaders aren't often my favorite characters. But then, Leo isn't like most old, mature leaders. His extreme want to be a good leader, and persistance in acomplishing that goal, and sometimes feeling as though he isn't there and never will be, is one of the endearing things about him. Also, his tendency to be overly dramtic, or cheesy, is hilarious. He is responsible and the most mature, as most older siblings have to be, but is totally not over having fun or doing something stupid. In other words, being a teenager. And honestly, I don't like a 'perfect' character. When I like a character, there has to be a fault and/or insecurity about them. It makes them more belivable.
  • Favorite Villain?
    • You do realize I'm talking things from the 2k12 veiw, right? Ok, now that we have that cleared up. Hm... I'm not sure. Villains are usually the best characters (don't get me started on Starscream from Transformers), but I can't really take much of an identity out of the TMNT villains enough to explicitly like them. But I'm gonna have to say Karai. Why? Well, pushing aside the fact that she is starting to realize who she really is, Karai is sneaky, sarcastic, kind of in your face, mocking. She is a bad guy, and she knows she's a bad guy, and enjoys it. But there seems to be some kind of moral in her, though we don't see it at all when she's intent on killing any of the turtles or Splinter. But we're getting there. The fandom waits with baited breath.
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