Michelangelo and raphael

Hi everyone, I love so much of the TMNT because I began interested on the series.

Favourite Turtles

I realized that Leonardo is one of my favourite turtles because I love his 2 katanas and its colour (since I love black) and as well I love him without mask because he is very cute and he has a pretty good face. And I love Michelangelo because he is very funny with his actions and with his catchphrases, and I also love him without his mask because in the 2012 series he has a pretty cute childlike face.

File:Tmnt sword turtles.PNG

Favorite Things

  • Favourite Show- TMNT (1987,1996,2012)
  • Favorite Turtle- Leonardo (1987) Michelangelo (2012)
  • Favorite Villain- Rocksteady (1987)
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