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This page is here for historical reasons. It may no longer precisely reflect my opinions, especially in the ever-changing landscape of LGBT representation in television series.

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Mature for some occasional mild language, mainly because sometimes there's really no substitute for the word "bitch." This page is not, however, mature for gay moments themselves. C'mon, haven't you seen what year it is on the calendar? Also...
The commentary in this gallery is analysis and criticism that has not been directly verified with the creators themselves. Not that I'm not still serious about it. :)

Gaydar is such a fun thing. It is intuition and cold-reading that draws on cumulative life experience. Anyone can develop it over time, but it can be especially strong in LGBT people themselves who have a personal frame of reference which makes them less likely to be influenced by cultural stereotypes. Gaydar is not just observing people's sexual or romantic personality traits, but also their "secondary" gay characteristics—personality traits not specifically of a sexual or romantic nature that are particularly common and familiar among people within the gay community and much less common outside of it, though these traits are neither necessarily universal among gay people nor exclusive to them. It must also be admitted that these traits gradually lose significance in Western society over time as LGBT people in general have become more accepted into the mainstream, yet the traits still retain significance in contexts where open discussion or acknowledgment LGBT topics may still be relatively uncommon or taboo, including in cartoons primarily for children. (As of 2017, children's television programs with frequent frank open LGBT content, such as Steven Universe, are still rare.)

A lot of people may not realize it, but the 2012 TV series has been a treasure trove of gaydar-tripping moments (more so than any other TMNT incarnation), especially in the first two seasons when it could be so strong that some of us were absolutely certain it had to be overt and intentional.

The exact canonical significance of all this is unclear, especially since the third season when the gaydar-tripping scenes became conspicuously fewer and further between, and the most affected characters in question seem to have been retooled over time. It could be that the writers were experimentally sending out signals to the various periphery audiences, seeing what would stick; but by the third season, for some reason, they almost completely stopped doing it (except for some tightly clustered exceptions).

This famously happened in another Nickelodeon TV series, The Legend of Korra, where easter eggs of romantic moments were snuck into the last two seasons, and its creators made their now-famous announcement of Korra and Asami's relationship only after the final episode had aired.

This page collects moments in the 2012 TV series that trip gaydar in all sorts of little ways. Of particular noteworthiness are:

Season 1

Rise of the Turtles, Part 2

I love you man.gif
I love you man
This scene was noteworthy in how it initially showed only Raph talking to an unseen male character, only to reveal Spike's first appearance. The way it was set up was not a subtle detail.
Raphael: [I know you're a little worried about me. Look, I'm not gonna lie to you.] We've never gone into a fight like this, and...I don't know what's gonna happen. But you don't have to worry. I will make it back. I love you man.

Turtle Temper

Intel you mean April told you.gif
Intel you mean April told you
Raph being a fantastic bitch. Just one of the first in a collection of these moments.
Raphael: Intel? You mean, April told you.

I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman

Sounds good to me.gif
Sounds good to me
Raph having a little prima donna moment.
Raphael: Sounds good to me.

It Came From The Depths

Yeah I get that a lot.gif
Yeah I get that a lot
The position of Michelangelo's Teddy Bear made this scene appear very symbolic.
Michelangelo: Yeah. I get that a lot.

Leatherhead drops the pot.gif
Leatherhead drops the pot
Leatherhead drops the Pizza Noodle Soup pot...while Michelangelo is literally hanging off his arm.
Dude chill chill.gif
Dude chill chill
Perfect rapport, perfect trust.
Michelangelo: Dude! Chill! Chill!

Cleansing Breaths.gif
Cleansing Breaths
A surprisingly sensual scene.
Michelangelo: Whoa, buddy! Cleansing breaths! Cleansing breaths. Cleansing breaths.

You know you're in a safe place now right.gif
You know you're in a safe place now right
Perfect rapport, perfect trust.
Michelangelo: You know you're in a safe place now, right?

Leatherhead: Yes.

Michelangelo: My brothers just wanna ask you a few questions. Do you think you can handle that?

I trusted you and you freak out.gif
I trusted you and you freak out
Mikey's words are uncomfortable, and yet Leatherhead absorbs every last word without antagonism.
Michelangelo: I trusted you. And you freak out and attack my entire family!

I thought we were friends.gif
I thought we were friends
Now this is a gem. Mikey's eyes spontaneously dilate during an emotional scene. This happens when the brain releases dopamine, a chemical associated with emotional longing. This scene made it look like Mikey was already falling hard for Leatherhead, whether or not Mikey himself was aware of it.
Michelangelo: I thought we were friends!

The Alien Agenda

He's almost as entertaining as you.gif
He's almost as entertaining as you
Raph has met his match, and it becomes a sass-to-sass catfight. The "talk to the hand" symbolism is especially apparent.
Karai: [I like your brother, Leo.] He's almost as entertaining as you.
Raphael: Oh when this is over, I'll show you how entertaining I can be.

The Kraang are on our side now.gif
The Kraang are on our side now
Raph does catty so effortlessly, doesn't he?
Raphael: Hey, look, Leo. The Kraang are on our side now.
Leonardo: Save it.

I tried to warn him you too huh.gif
I tried to warn him you too huh
A powerful gaydar moment. Raph is simultaneously indifferent to April's presence, yet shares a strong implicit camaraderie with her as they appear to be having a brief girltalk moment.
April: I tried to warn him.
Raphael: You, too, huh?

I can see how you think she's hot.gif
I can see how you think she's hot
On one hand, Raph is telling Leo he could see how he could think Karai is hot. But on the other hand, he's been demonstrating an intuitive understanding of women all episode, and been sassing, catting or catfighting nonstop. Is he comforting Leo, or messing with him in a very Raph-like way? I know that, as a gay person, if I were Raph in Raph's position, I'd probably still be telling Leo the same thing, just to rub it in one more time. :)
Raphael: I can see how you can think she's hot. In an...evil kind of a way.

Enemy of My Enemy

Don't fight it you'll thank me later.gif
Don't fight it you'll thank me later
Raph being such a good big sister.
Raphael: Don't fight it. You'll thank me later.

Karai's Vendetta

Analyzing sewage.gif
Analyzing sewage
Oh Raph, you're such a bitch and we love you for it.
Donatello: Analyzing sewage.
Raphael: Who says you don't know how to show a girl a good time?

Operation: Break Out

Bitingly sarcastic, mocking, cynical... Yup, that's Raph. But I can't help but think there was a grain of honesty in everything he said here, in a catty sister sort of a way.
[Raphael: Wait... Do you think you still have a shot with her?]

[Donatello: Well—I mean, not—]

Raphael: Wow. That is so adorable! And sad. It's...saddorable.

The heart's a soft muscle.gif
The heart's a soft muscle
Mikey, you do know all about love.
Michelangelo: The heart's a soft muscle, man. A soft muscle. Squoosh.

Showdown, Part 1

Spike loves Raphael.gif
Spike loves Raphael
Spike loves Raphael—that much is apparent. But this gaydar moment is more apparent in hindsight after watching Slash and Destroy. Such love and devotion, and then he narrows his eyes,, just wow.

Showdown, Part 2

Raphael voguing.gif
Raphael voguing
Raphael voguing like a prima donna. And he's so good at it, too.
Come on, vogue ♪ Let your body move to the music ♪ (Move to the music) ♪
Raphael breaking.gif
Raphael breaking
Raphael breaking like a prima donna, then freezes with...a pinup pose.

Season 2

Slash and Destroy

You and me no joking around.gif
You and me no joking around
Slash is saying more with his hands than he's saying in words.
Slash: You and me. No goofing off. No joking around like your brothers. We'll be the ultimate ninja team.
Raphael: Well that would be...awesome!

Slash's smile.gif
Slash's smile
Slash has such a warm, tender smile when it comes to Raphael, doesn't he?
We may need to lose some dead weight.gif
We may need to lose some dead weight
Slash was a total yandere, and they can never unring that bell. :)
Slash: We may need to lose some dead weight.

This isn't you.gif
This isn't you
Raph is as close to Slash, as Slash is to Raph. In that brief moment, you can see the deep personal anxiety in Raph's eyes.
Raphael: Your "work"? That mutagen warped your brain, Spike! This isn't you!

That's it it's over.gif
That's it it's over
Raph knows what he needs to do, but that moment of hesitation and conflict in his eyes. He deeply loves Slash, even now.
Raphael: That's it. It's over.
Slash: That's right, Raph.

Spike no 2.gif
Spike no 2
The terror and separation anxiety is palpable.
Raphael: Spike! No!

Spike no 2E.gif
Spike no 2E
Raphael reaches for Slash's hand. Your heart should already be breaking now.
Spike no 2H.gif
Spike no 2H
One of the most painful moments in the entire series.
He's still out there.gif
He's still out there
That unrefined grief and longing in Raph's eyes.
Raphael: He's still out there.

When I miss my loved ones from the past.gif
When I miss my loved ones from the past
Splinter knows what it's like to lose a most beloved partner. It's telling how he so readily compares Slash to Tang Shen.
Splinter: Raphael. Do you know what I do when I miss my loved ones from the past?

Splinter's smile.gif
Splinter's smile
Splinter never smiles...except when he does. But to smile just because Raphael is trying his advice? That's a very big Splinter smile, with warm fuzzies off the scale. His son loved and lost, but I wonder if Splinter's happy because his son loved a love as strong as what he once had with his own wife.

The Kraang Conspiracy

You got a long way to go sister.gif
You got a long way to go sister
You sass her, gurl. You sass her good! Damn, what could have been if they'd only let this side of him develop further.
Raphael: You got a long way to go, sister.

Metalhead Rewired

Slash acknowledges Raphael.gif
Slash acknowledges Raphael
Slash acknowledges Raphael after saving his life. Tell me your heart didn't skip a beat.

Mazes & Mutants

Avenge the beloved elf.gif
Avenge the beloved elf
Raphael being such a tomboy big sister with his obnoxious little brother.
Michelangelo: Avenge me. Avenge the beloved elf.

Forgive me.gif
Forgive me
LARPer Michelangelo shoots Dragon Leatherhead. And that pain in Mikey's eyes.


Good to see you again Raphael.gif
Good to see you again Raphael
The look of scorn and betrayal in Slash's eyes. He boths loves and hates Raphael.
Slash: It's Slash now, remember? Good to see you again, Raphael. Miss me?

I need to go my own way Raphael.gif
I need to go my own way Raphael
They finally make up, but Slash doesn't feel he can come back. And Raph's heart aches all over again.
Slash: I need to go my own way, Raphael. I think I'm better off solo.

The Wrath of Tiger Claw

I told you Karai.gif
I told you Karai
Leo's crush turned out to be a conniving vamp, but his sister Raph is still a bitch.
Raphael: I told you!
Leonardo: Karai!

Some of us choose to be right all the time.gif
Some of us choose to be right all the time
Down, gurl.
Raphael: Some of us choose to be right all the time.
Leonardo: Will you just go?!

The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto

So if I steal the helmet.gif
So if I steal the helmet
Hollywood Montrose?
Zeck: So if I steel the helmet, you'll forgive me for my little mistake?

Not on purpose anyway.gif
Not on purpose anyway
Such animated body language!
Zeck: Not on purpose! Anyway, you got that cool new eye. You used to be just another arms dealer, but now, it's like "Oo, look at the cool eyeball guy!"

Lick it.gif
Lick it
He seems to just throw in these gestures without a thought.
Zeck: Lick it.

I'm going to pop your head like blueberry.gif
I'm going to pop your head like blueberry
After watching Annihilation Earth!, Part 2 and seeing how tender Bebop and Rocksteady had become, this earlier scene in hindsight looks more like belligerent sexual tension. Not that we weren't wondering this when this episode first aired, given what Archie TMNT ended up doing with its Bebop and Rocksteady.
Steranko: I'm going to pop your head like blueberry!

Vengeance is Mine

It's not my water balloon throwing arm.gif
It's not my water balloon throwing arm
Raphael being such a caring sister again.
Michelangelo: I'm good. It's not my water balloon throwing arm.

Into Dimension X!

Michelangelo's memories.gif
Michelangelo's memories
Michelangelo's memories of Leatherhead. You can already tell Mikey's heart has been aching, but Possibly the single biggest gaydar-tripping moment in the entire series.
Not this time buddy.gif
Not this time buddy
Mikey's really determined not to lose Leatherhead again. It kinda gives you goosebumps.
Michelangelo: Not this time, buddy!
Leatherhead: Yeah, I'm okay.

Season 3

A Foot Too Big

Now you know how April feels.gif
Now you know how April feels
This may have been Raph's last tomboy big sister moment in the series.
Raphael: Now you know how April feels.

Eyes of the Chimera

My sweet little turtle tush.gif
My sweet little turtle tush
So Mikey describes his rear end as "sweet?" Interesting choice of words.
Michelangelo: Hot! Hot! Hot! My sweet little turtle tush! Ow! Owie! Ow!

The Pig and The Rhino

Bebop's dance.gif
Bebop's dance
Bebop's dance. How vogue.

Battle for New York, Part 1

Michelangelo Leatherhead hug 1.gif
Michelangelo Leatherhead hug 1
Understandable first reaction after so long. But this is just the beginning.
Michelangelo: Leatherhead!
Leatherhead: Heh, heh, it's good to see you too, Michelangelo. All of you.

Leatherhead wait hold up 1.gif
Leatherhead wait hold up 1
Their first parting since they were reunited. Just look at that raw emotion.
Michelangelo: Leatherhead, wait, hold up!

Leatherhead wait hold up 2.gif
Leatherhead wait hold up 2
Leatherhead sadly cannot wait or hold up. But judging from that brief look on his eyes, he's feeling the same as Michelangelo.
Leatherhead wait hold up 3.gif
Leatherhead wait hold up 3
Michelangelo wanted Leatherhead to wait and hold up. Such love and separation anxiety.
Michelangelo Leatherhead hug 2.gif
Michelangelo Leatherhead hug 2
His one and only priority upon return is wrapping his arms around that guy. It's sweet.
Michelangelo: Leatherhead!

Leatherhead: My friend.

Michelangelo: I was so scared I'd never see you again.

Battle for New York, Part 2

Michelangelo Leatherhead hug 3.gif
Michelangelo Leatherhead hug 3
And now, we're noticing a pattern. Mikey literally threw himself into the guy's arms at every opportunity. Now that's passion.
Michelangelo: Leatherhead! My big green buddy!
Leatherhead: We made it, my friend.

It's time to celebrate.gif
It's time to celebrate
They just don't stop manhandling each other, do they?
Leonardo: It's time to celebrate!
Donatello, Leatherhead, Michelangelo, Pigeon Pete, Dr. Rockwell & Slash: Booyakasha!

Clash of the Mutanimals

Adorable yet tortured gator face.gif
Adorable yet tortured gator face
Mikey's reaction is instant, decisive, and strongly affectionate. And his colorful description of Leatherhead's face shows how in tune his mind and heart are with the guy.
Michelangelo: Can't you see he's terrible? Just look at his adorable yet tortured gator face. Aw.

Slash are you okay.gif
Slash are you okay
The body language in this scene is unusually rich, especially for the third season. Left hand caressing face, locked eye contact, look of anxious worry, arching eyebrows adding to emphasis, and the sheer look of relief filling Raph's face. But scenes like these are increasingly an outlier in the series.
Raphael: Slash, are you okay?
Slash: Raphael.

Annihilation Earth!, Part 1

Leatherhead's helping hand.gif
Leatherhead's helping hand
Leatherhead gives Michelangelo a helping hand. A Mikeyhead moment as good as any. We almost never see Leatherhead smile so unambiguously. And Mikey certainly smiles a lot, but he doesn't always beam like this. Now this is chemistry, and the warm fuzzies are off the scale. But it's also frustrating when the series cannot be consistent in its portrayal of characters from appearance to appearance.

Annihilation Earth!, Part 2

Hold me close comrade.gif
Hold me close comrade
Yeah, this probably came as a surprise to no one ever. Remember Archie TMNT's Bebop and Rocksteady?
Rocksteady: Hold me close, comrade.

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