aka The Fish

  • I live in New Donk City
  • My occupation is Smash Fighter
  • I am a fish

Well, I started watching TMNT (2012) since the day it aired. I also watch a little bit of the 1987 series, as well as the 2007 series. I've watched all the movies, and have a huge collection of TMNT action figures. The reason why I chose to be Fishface405, was because I LOVE Fishface. He's just so cool! Aside from TMNT, I also enjoy playing Mario games and spending some time on the internet.


They call me fishface by sneefee-d6t5wia
  • Favorite Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)
  • Favorite Turtle: Leonardo
  • Favorite Villain: Fishface
  • Favorite Episode (2012): "Meet Mondo Gecko"
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