aka EmileeXify

  • I live in Gotham
  • My occupation is student, writer, and photographer
  • I am female
Tmnt 2012 astriya raphael by nariko black-d6qsszm-1

created by Nariko-Black on deviantART: More Like TMNT 2012: Astriya by Nariko-Black Neither friend nor for


  • My favorite show is teenage mutant ninja turtles (all incarnations), Doctor Who, Arrow, and The Walking Dead
  • My favorite turtle is Raphael
  • My favorite villain(s) are Tiger Claw and Bebop
  • i writete fanfiction for just about every turtle. come check me out!!
  • My favorite episode is the manhattan project
  • My favorite band is sleeping with sirens
  • I seriously wanna see Alopex or Mona Lisa in season 3
  • I make fanart (the ones that are anime are mine)
  • I have Agyrophobia and Atychiphobia
  • i would eat pizza for breakfast if i could
  • Michelangelo and raphael
    Tmnt 2012 ipod by klarindaclemence-d744w36

    my reaction too

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