Usagi Come Home
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 Cartoon) episode
Usagi Come Home Title Card.png
Season Code: 03
Episode: 34
Original airdate November 9, 1989
Written by David Wise
Supervising Producer Fred Wolf
Producers: Walt Kubiak
Mark Freedman
Supervising Director  Bill Wolf
Episode chronology
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"Case of the Hot Kimono" "The Making of Metalhead"
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Season
October 19, 1989 - December 22, 1989
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Usagi Come Home is a season 3 episode of the 1987-1996 series.


Shredder has decided to put Usagi Yojimbo to good use, by turning him into an ally against the Turtles.

To do this, Rocksteady and Bebop first kidnap Obento, the man who is taking care of Usagi. Shredder informs Usagi that Obento will only remain safe if the rabbit ronin kills the Turtles - and when Usagi still refuses, Shredder challenges him to a duel over it. However, Shredder cheats by using a giant magnet to drag Usagi's sword out of his hands. Believing himself to be honor-bound, Usagi agrees to kill the Turtles.

Meanwhile, Donatello has been working overtime to find Usagi's home dimension, but with no luck. They set out to find him, only to be ambushed by him in the sewers. Desperate to find out why he's attacking them, the Turtles chase him into the streets above, and then into a mall. They manage to deposit him in the sewers before heading to the animal society where Obento lives.

To occupy their time, Bebop and Rocksteady start stealing fuel for the Technodrome, which culminates with hijacking a tanker truck of gasoline. Just then, they see a Channel 6 report about a newly developed formula that supercharges liquid fuel - and when the scientist won't tell them which one is the supercharger, they steal every solution he has.

At the Far East Animal Society, the Turtles come across the aftermath of the duel, including the giant magnet. When Usagi bursts in and attacks them, the Turtles start getting the details of what's happening - and it becomes even clearer when Usagi's sword is dragged away by the magnet again.

Shredder is delighted to find out about the supercharger, since it would allow the single gas truck to repower the Technodrome. Usagi drags in the Turtles, pretending to have captured or killed them, and then surreptitiously frees them from their bonds.

Shredder predictably betrays Usagi by refusing to release Obento. Just then the Turtles lunge out, and Donatello starts firing the warehouse's massive supply of fireworks. He also uses the supercharger to turn the fireworks into devastating rockets, forcing the villains into retreat. Obento, Usagi and the Turtles escape.

Back home again, Usagi is introduced to pizza.




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  • When Leonardo uses the sewer pipe door to shield himself from Usagi's attacks, his "L" is white.
  • When Leonardo had an idea, he was seen with Donatello's colors.
  • After Usagi is thrown into the mall fountain floor, Raphael speaks in Leonardo's voice.
  • The cheese on Michelangelo's pizza was missing in the final shot of the episode.
  • When Shredder told Usagi to do as he was told or watch Obento perish, Rocksteady's eyes were colored white.


  • This episode marks the final appearance of Usagi Yojimbo in the 1987 TV series.
  • The episode title parodies the 1943 movie Lassie Come Home.


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