General Unsura
Biographical information
Weapon(s) of choice

Evil Mighty Super Robo Mecha

Physical description
Eye color

Blue (right)
Yellow and Purple(left)

Out of universe information

2012 TV series

First appearance

Fungus Humungous (episode)

Voiced by

Kevin Michael Richardson

Teachers and Students
General Unsura is a villain from SRMFF!


He first appeared in the episode "Fungus Humungous" where he took control of Mighty Super Robo Mecha and used it to stomp on Captain Dash Coolstar. Only half of his face is human and his head is floating inside a glass helmet with horns.



  • General Unsura is a reference to both Mazinger Z villains: Baron Ashura (due to his name and face) and Count Brocken (as his actual head is separated from his body).
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