Undercover Mike
The Bombardin’ Ballistic Super Spy!

Vital Sneaktistics

Accessories: Mini Mutant Machine Gun, Mega Mutant Machine Gun, Turtle Green Grenades, Devious Demolition Dagger, Mystery-faced Mutant Mask, Ninny-knockin’ Nunchakus

Favorite Movie: ”The Spy Who Came From the Sewer”

Favorite Code Word: Bang!

If you’re lookin’ for firepower force and don’t mind lookin’ hard, then look for Undercover Michaelangelo – the bombardin’ ballistic super spy! Teamed up with his spy guys, Undercover Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael, Michaelangelo’s got the corner on how to take care of the Foot Clan – but it means makin’ lots of noise. That’s right! Undercover Michaelangelo doesn’t think twice about makin’ things go BOOM! Under his secret sleuthin’ fabulous fabric spy trench coat, he’s loaded down ballistically with fierce anti-Foot firin’ force. From his easy-to-tote mini Mutant machine gun to his hard-to-handle mega Mutant machine gun, Undercover Michaelangelo is a super sewer show of power! For explosive entrances into Foot Clan land, Michaelangelo’s ready with his Turtle green grenades. And for covert sneak attacks, one-on-one, Undercover Michaelangelo’s got himself covered with a mystery-faced Mutant mask and can knock noggins with his ninny-knockin’ nunchakus. Don’t be fooled by the fancy real fabric trench coat – it’s the same Michaelangelo you’ve always known and loved. It’s just that now, he’s a little warmer – and a lot more dangerous!

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