Undercover Leo
The Devious Disguisin’ Dude!

Vital Sneaktistics

Accessories: Many Mutant Masks: Non-gaggin’ Gas Mask, Anti-Foot Joke Face, Mysterioso Mask, Infiltrating Katanas, Super Spy Pistol

Favorite Movie: ”The Mask of the Red Mutant”

Favorite Spy Device: Masks

If you’re lookin’ for a Ninja Turtle who doesn’t look a thing like Leonardo, then you’re lookin’ for Undercover Leonardo – the master Mutant of disguises. Along with his spy dudes, Undercover Michaelangelo, Donatello and Raphael, you can be sure there’s a lot bein’ covered up! Undercover Leonardo, for one, is bein’ covered up in his fashionable fabric trench coat – the most unlikely disguise for a sewer spy! Undercover Leonardo is, indeed, the master of disguises – that’s why he’s got three marvelous masks from which to choose the non-gaggin’ gas mask, the anti-Foot joke face and the mysterioso mask! The most frequently used disguise is the non-gaggin’ gas mask, which Leonardo wears when snoopin’ around the filthy, foul Foot hideout. And to top off this whole spy thing, Undercover Leonardo’s armed with a deluxe sharp shootin’ super spy pistol. For those standard Ninja Foot fights, he’s ready to rip ‘em with his infiltrating katanas. Wrap him up in a real trench coat and you’ve got the spy’s spy – Undercover Leonardo. At least, that’s what he says he is!

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