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Super Shredder in the Undercity

In the 2012 TV series, the Undercity is a long-destroyed underground city located deep under New York City. Most of what remains of it are various stone pillars that are over 1,000 feet tall, which are large enough to move freely and fight on, especially for ninjas. Because of the pillars' extreme height relative to the very far deep darkness beneath them, the Undercity has produced its own atmospheric system, creating thick clouds that occupy every space or crevice between each of the pillars. Hamato Yoshi (Splinter) has used the Undercity as a battleground on two occasions in major battles against two of his greatest enemies; Victor Falco, who was known as Rat King at that time, and Oroku Saki, who was recently mutated into the monstrous Super Shredder.


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Of Rats and Men

The Super Shredder

Darkest Plight


  • All three participants who battled in the Undercity (Splinter, Rat King, and Super Shredder) have fallen into the dark void between the pillars of the city.
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