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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the IDW continuity, Tusk is the leader of the Road Hogs, a motorcycle gang of mutant pigs living in Mutant Town, Manhattan. She first appeared along with her gang in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #110. She eventually became a member of Jennika's band Created in Darkness.


Raphael and Alopex were out on a date in the open on the streets of Mutant Town, and stopped to buy burritos from a mutant koala street vendor. As the pair were walking and eating, they spotted several motorcycles parked outside a bar, and Raph stopped to admire the vehicles. Within moments, Tusk and the other Road Hogs stepped out of the bar and angrily asserted that the bikes were theirs. Raph annoyedly insisted he didn't want to steal their "crappy" bikes, but this only angered Tusk further, and she boasted that the bikes were the fastest in town. Tusk then recognized that Raph and Al were from "that Splinter gang," and chided them for trespassing onto Road Hogs turf. Raph insisted that the Splinter Clan aren't interested in gang turf and that the neighborhood is just as much theirs. Tusk demanded Raph prove it, and she got into a fighting stance. After a few moments of street fighting, Al interrupted their bout by attacking Tusk, and interjected that it might be cooler if Raph and Tusk settle their dispute in a motorcycle race. Raph and Tusk agreed.

Soon, Raph and Tusk were both on motorcycles, with Raph on one borrowed from the gang, and Al stood in front to officiate the beginning of their drag race. The race started with the two speeding through a construction site. Raph was initially in the lead, but Tusk soon pulled ahead. As Tusk swerved around a stack of culverts, Raph decided to ride directly through one of them. Raph thought he was in the lead, but Tusk had ridden up a ramp and flew ahead of him. But her lead was brief, as she suddenly slammed face-first into some building rubble, violently knocking her onto the ground.

Raph decided to stop the race and went over to help the injured Tusk. Raph helped Tusk limp back to the start of the race, telling of Tusk's accident. Tusk decided that Raph was the winner, but Raph insisted that neither of them won. Tusk decided to let Raph keep the motorcycle the Road Hogs had loaned him, and declared Raph and Al were cool with the Road Hogs. Raph and Al rode off together on Raph's new bike. TMNT #110

Tusk later joined in at a support group hosted at Alopex's shelter, also attended by fellow Mutant Towners Bea, Chloe, Hector, Jay, Jennika, Jo, Mona Lisa, Ramon, Scrag, Sheena, Veronica and Wanda. The group debated various topics affecting them all in Mutant Town, but on the extremely polarizing issue of Old Hob, Tusk defended him. Tusk said that, as a human, she had no one in her life, she was sick, and was an alcoholic. But since Hob's mutagen bomb, she had made friends among other people in the same situation, she had the support group, and she was also motivated to quit drinking. Jay and Mona were irritated by this defense of Hob, as they had all still been mutated against their will, and Hob's Mutanimals were still abusive with their newfound power and were poor managers of the community's resources. The argument in the support group became heated and eventually spiraled out of control, resulting in a short brawl which would only be broken up by the commanding voice of reason of former Mutanimal Sally Pride. TMNT #112

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