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Turtles of Terror is a story of the Fleetway comics, published in late-January 1991.


Inside the Technodrome, Shredder uses Krang's portal, discovering an alternate Earth, where the turtles are criminals, and called the Evil Turtles.

Shredder offers them to get home if they first destroy the good turtles. The evil turtles capture the good Raphael, and replace him with their own. Later, they also capture the good Donatello before even Leonardo and Michelangelo are captured. Eventually, even Splinter is captured.

The good turtles are taken to an abandoned warehouse. When a group of homeless people enter the building, looking for a place to sleep overnight, they unchain the good turtles, wo free Splinter.

During the fight, the Evil Turtles are teleported away by Shredder. To thank the homeless who saved them, the good turtles start a charity exhibition of Japanese martial arts at a local homeless shelter, to raise money.[1]


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