This article is for the evil Turtlebot created by Baxter Stockman. For the practice robot created by Donatello, see Turtlebot (Mirage)
Turtlebot 1
Biographical information

Earth, Baxter Stockman's Lab


T-4, Evil Turtlebot, The Turtlenator, Mecha-Turtle

Date of birth


Date of death


Weapon(s) of choice

Itself, Pure energy duplicate versions of the Turtles' sai, katana, bo, and nunchaku


Evil Mimic Turtle Robot


Foot Clan

Physical description

Robot Turtle




6', 5' 9"


200 lbs

Hair color


Bandana color

Black, Blue, Red

Eye color

Red, Black, Yellow, White

Out of universe information

2003 TV series, , Dreamwave

Teachers and Students

Turtlebot (also known as Evil Turtlebot) is a robotic entity that resembles the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It appears in the 2003 video game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus, TMNT: Mutant Melee, and the animated series they were based on. The Turtlebot's appearance, origin, and method of fighting is different in both forms of medium, but is the creation of Baxter Stockman in both.

Video Games

T-4 TurtleMODE

Unused Turtle-mode design.

Evil Turtlebot is created by Baxter Stockman to frame the Ninja Turtles video games) in robberies. The Evil Turtlebot is capable of flight, fire lasers, and use energy versions of the Turtles' sai, katana, bo, and nunchaku. It is fought three times, each time gaining an upgrade addendum to its name (such as 1.5). The final battle against it is atop a cargo shelf carried by a helicopter. The Evil Turtlebot is an unlockable character in the game's versus mode.

In the GBA version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus, Turtlebots appear as enemies in the T.C.R.I. building.

The Turtlebot also has a small cameo in TMNT: Mutant Melee. One of the bonus stages has your chosen character beating on mass-produced Turtlebots that have yet to be activated. In the mission briefing, they are erroneously referred to as "Mecha-Turtles"


Unused Lady-bug mode design.

Two unlockable designs in the game show a familiar looking "Turtle-mode" design. And an interesting "Ladybug-mode" showing a flying features similar to the Robot's final design. This particular mode is somewhat similar to the original Mechaturtle boss from the 1989 video game. Perhaps after defeating the robot in Turtle-mode, it's "skin" would be shed to reveal the much more threatening and dangerous Ladybug robot.

Action Figures

Playmates Toys released two figures based on this version of the Turtlebot: a standard one that looked identical to the video game version, and a darker repaint that was available in a S.W.A.T. playset.

2003 cartoon

Turtlebot 1

The Turtlebot in the 2003 series

A slightly different Turtlebot makes its appearance in the second season episode, What a Croc!. Baxter tricks Leatherhead into thinking he is a friend of the Utroms and that the TMNT are their enemies, and unveils the Turtlebot as a trump card to defeat the Turtles. It is programmed with the data of each Turtles' fighting styles, so they simply switch weapons to defeat it. Baxter then is exposed to Leatherhead as an accomplice of the Utrom Shredder, whom Leatherhead knows is the Utroms' greatest foe.

He is similar to Metalhead, another robot turtle that absorbed information about the Turtles in order to effectively defeat them.

Dreamwave Comics


T4,"The Turtlenator" .

An unproductive story from the belated and related TMNT Animated Comic revealed the Turtlebot's name as "T-4". This version would have been able to disguise himself as any of the four Turtle brothers.

The unproduced comic's description read as follows.

" Due to a one in a million freak accident, Baxter Stockman's computer becomes sentient... and seeks revenge for Turtles having destroyed so many of it's ("children" i.e., Mousers). So it creates the perfect killing, machine to track down and eliminate the Turtles once and for all: T4, The Turtlenator. "

The name of the comic is a parody name of The Terminator, which is a popular film series starring Arnold Schwarznegger (who appeared in the three films.)

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