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1987 TV series


Ninja Turtles


The Turtle Van, also known as the Party Wagon, is the Turtles' main transport in the 1987 TV series. It appeared throughout the whole series.


Originally it was just an ordinary van that belonged to Baxter Stockman (who, both along with the van, appeared for the first time in "A Thing About Rats"). After defeating him and delivering him to the police, the Turtles use his van to drive to Shredder's Mousers factory (and destroy it). In the next episode "Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X", Donatello rebuilds Stockman's van into a vehicle more suited to their needs. The Turtle Van is equipped with all kinds of technology the Turtles found or developed, in order to find the Technodrome - and other threats - easily and fast.

In 20,000 Leaks Under the City, Donatello modifies the Turtle Van so it can also be used as a boat, with pontoons. In Super Irma, he modifies it into the Turtle Sub, allowing the Ninja Turtles to reach the Technodrome when it is located n the bottom of the Arctic Sea.

After sending the Technodrome (along with Shredder and Krang) into Dimension X, the Turtles keep the van, and after Donatello's remodel, it becomes their main form of ground transport. The Van is driven by all four Turtles and (sometimes) April; in the last two seasons the van is accompanied by Carter's motorcycle. Out of the four Turtles, Leonardo spends the most time driving it. In Turtles Forever (2003) Raphael drove the van as well.


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  • The mechanics of the doors has changed over the series. In the first season and in Turtles Forever, the door folds down 90 degrees to reveal an armed cannon on either side. In seasons 2-7, the door is split into two segments. The top part folded sideways outward, and the bottom flipped downward to serve as a ramp. These mechanics were also used in the Turtle Party Wagon toy. In seasons 8-10 and in Michelangelo's Birthday, the door was once again one entire segment, but the whole thing flipped down to use as a ramp. One of the squares on the door served as a button to open it.
  • The Turtle Party Wagon was issued in 1988, again in 2009, and yet again in 2013.

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