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The Turtle Tunneler was a vehicle toy released in 2004 by Playmates Toys. It is based on the Turtle Tunneler in the 4 Kids series.

Donatello's latest and greatest modified mean green machine is a big hit in the land down under - way down under - under the earth! The Turtle Tunneler's twisting, tearing front end spins and chews through rock and rubble without any trouble, while its super-grip solid iron rear wheels punch into and cling to any surface, even when upside-down! Not to mention (but we will, of course!) that the Tunneler comes equipped with real firing missiles - mutant-powered rockets designed to blast through solid rock, molten lava, and everything in between! The Turtle Tunneler - opening up new worlds of exploration and adventure, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-style!?

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