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Fast Forward

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The Turtle Titan II is a superhero in the Fast Forward storyline of the 2003 series.

Character history

Turtle Titan II was the grandson of the Silver Sentry who, inspired by the tales of the original Turtle Titan Michelangelo, took his name and appearance in the year 2105.

Lacking super-powers of his own despite his legacy, Turtle Titan II instead developed various forms of gadgetry. In the course of his career, Turtle Titan II has proven to be a rather effective and popular super-hero, to the point where he established a working relationship with the New York Peacekeepers, complete with a Shell-Signal.

When Michelangelo, who had been stranded alongside his brothers and Master Splinter in the year 2105, learned about this hero's existence, he challenged his counterpart for the right to wear the Turtle Titan's mantle souring Turtle Titan II's impression of him. Michelangelo brought him to the challenge by using the Shell-Signal and they ended up fighting despite the interference of the Peacekeepers. But soon the original and present Turtle Titans were forced to team up against Triple Threat, who was just getting into the taste of being a super-villain. Working together, they managed to lure Threat onto an anti-gravity rink and manipulated the controls to give him a (literally) crushing defeat. Impressed by each other, the two Titans formed a friendship, and Mikey graciously allowed Titan II to carry on the tradition for the future.


Unlike his idol, Turtle Titan II is serious on the job, focused, and efficient. He has the tendency of addressing non-supers, including Michelangelo, as a "citizen".

Powers and abilites

Turtle Titan II is a skilled electronics engineer who is able to modify the technology of 2105 to person-sized scale for use as a superhero. For equipment, he uses a twin-engine repulsor belt for flying, an arm-mounted grapple shooter, smoke bombs, and a force shield which could be detached and used as a throwing weapon.

Turtle Titan II is also seen using a facility similar to DC Comics' Batcave as his base of operations.

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