The Treaded Terrain-tearin' Terror!

Accessories and Features

Force Fightin' Flag, Up-top Turtle Seat, Mutant Military Standard Issue Exhaust Pipes, Let-it-Loose Lever, Tough Turtle Treads, Foot Soldier Flattener, Turtle-plated Armor, Rotatin' Dual Snub Mutant Machine Guns, Auto-scannin' Turtle Turret, Shellcrackin' Cannon, Revolvin' Radar Dish


Atten hut! Listen to the rumble, mutants! Feel the roar! Salute the Turtle Tank - the Foot Clan crushin' treaded terror! Groove on the road in total command as the Turtle Tank flattens the Foot with awesome ease. Nothing can stop this shelled super squisher - not even hunkered - down fanatical Foot Soldiers. Watch the Mutant Military Turtles as they engage the Foot flattener - perfect for pancakin' punks (By the way, Lieutenant Leo likes that part the best!) And the twirlin' Turtle turret fully rotates to blast away at the baddies. Combine all that with dual snub mutant machine guns and a shellcrackin' cannon and you've got the meanest Mutant Military machine ever. Linked up with the Sewer Sub and Turtlecopter, the military Mutants can't be beaten. Go ahead - maul the mayhem makin' menaces - they deserve it. Dismissed!


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