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vol. 2 #4


"Pierrier in The Old Switcheroo"

by Mark Martin.

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"Fifteen Years Later..."

by A.C. Farley & Richmond Lewis.

Down in the sewers, a young Con Ed worker is lost, searching for Grid 19 but having accidentally wandered into Grid 32. The young man is distraught; for fifteen years he’s been plagued with awful dreams and haunted by guilt. He had dropped his pet baby turtles down the sewer by accident many years ago, and ever since, he has had nightmares about them as huge, monstrous things. He even believes that he’s glimpsed them in the sewers on previous work days.

The young man suddenly recognizes that Grid 32 is the same sewer tunnel he lost his turtles in all those years ago. Then, by happenstance, he stumbles upon the fragments of the very same glass bowl he dropped down the open manhole.

Standing back up, he shines his flashlight forward and comes face to face with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Raphael sends a shuriken into his flashlight, knocking it to the ground, and lifts the young man up by his collar. Raph and the young man look each other in the eyes and a fleeting moment of recognition passes between them. Donatello then calls Raph off, telling him to “save it for the Foot”. The Turtles disappear into the darkness.

As the young man recovers from the shock, the voice of his boss yells his name (“Chet”) over his walky. His boss asks if he’s lost, but a smiling Chet replies, “…After 15 years, I’m finally in the right location!!”

"Turtles Attack!!!"

Part 4 of 4 by Michael Dooney, Mary Kelleher, & Steve Lavigne.

As the Ninja Turtles square off against the samurai trio, Leo tells his brothers not to attack unless provoked. The samurai make the first move and charge with their swords drawn.

The Turtles attempt to hold the line, but the samurai prove more skilled than the monsters they’d just faced. Thinking that the Turtles are “demons” and that Henry is the “wizard” who summoned them, the lead samurai breaks past Don and makes a move to hack Henry to pieces. Panicking, Henry messes with the buttons on his gauntlet and sends the samurai back just in the nick of time.

Leonardo has had *enough* and tells Don to take the gauntlet from Henry and figure it out by himself. Henry and Betti are forced to stand far away while Don labors over the device. After some time, he figures out that it’s programmed in binary and punches in the return coordinates. Henry and Betti apologize for all the trouble and return to their dimension and time.

With time now “unfrozen”, the Turtles put their disguises back on and head out for their long-delayed dinner. Returning to his lab, Henry apologizes to Betti for all the trouble. Betti, on the other hand, thanks him for the best date of her life and gives him a big kiss.

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle"

by Mark Thibodeaux, Jack Kirby & Guy Romano.


Kirby's rendition of Michaelangelo.

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"Failed Instant"

by Michael Zulli, Steve Murphy, Steve Lavigne & Rob Caswell.

On a rooftop, a Turtle crouches at the edge with his hand ready at his katana. A ninja sneaks up behind him, wielding a sword and preparing to strike. the Turtle is aware of his enemy’s presence and mentally prepares himself to counter the attack.

The ninja strikes and the Turtle lets his body move intuitively in response. With his left hand, the Turtle swings his katana, and with his right, he swipes at the ninja’s hood.

Unfortunately, the Turtle misses and the ninja vanishes as quickly as he came. All the Turtle has to show for his counterattack is the ninja’s discarded hood, clutched in his grip.

"Thoughts on Paper"

by Michael R. Gaydos & Dan Berger.

Through an abstract collage of familiar imagery (Turtles, ninja weapons, Splinter, the sewers), one of the Turtles contemplates their relationships through stream of consciousness babble. He thinks about how they have been hiding and searching for themselves for 16 years. He thinks about how Splinter is not just their master, but “the one”. He thinks about how he and his brothers are “four” and “forever”. Yet also, sometimes they are not his brothers, but reflections of his own inadequacies and loneliness. He considers how all these numbers and variables are too confusing to keep track of.

Don is suddenly roused from his drawing board by one of his brothers (either Raph or Mikey). They’ve come back from McDonald’s and it’s about time for “Cops in Budapest”. Don snaps out of it and tells his brother that he’s been studying art lately and it kind of got him itching to experiment with what he’s learned. The Turtle takes one look at Don’s surrealist sketchbook and immediately thinks Don is on something. Don laughs and agrees that his attempts at art maybe aren’t so hot.

As they leave to go watch TV, Splinter takes a look at the sketchbook for himself. He is immediately fascinated by Don’s profound musings.


  • Chet originally had his name spoken (alternately Chester/Chet) in TMNT (Vol. 1) #7.
  • CHET ALERT: The name of the young Con Edison worker is “Chet”. The name “Chet” was an Easter Egg thrown into several stories by the Mirage Studios staff because… They just liked the name!
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