The Turtle Lair is the turtles' secret sewer home from the 2014 film.

The Dojo

Graffiti Markings

The Dojo Walls can speak! Look close and you'll see 11 graffiti markings - ten words or phrases and one tag that represents family.

Turtle Tag

The family symbol (known as the "Turtle Tag") is written in kanji, a system of Japanese writting that uses Chinese characters. The turtles leave it everywhere they go! Each turtle has their own special graffiti symbol. And they're all SWEET.

Lair Size

The lair is about the sie of a football field!

Splinter's Meditation Room


There are exactly 125 boomboxes on the wall. Go ahead - count 'em! Splinter's Kitchen - Splinter's Kitchen features a frisge and a stove. In other words everything needed to make pizza and store the leftovers.


Lair Decorations

Why do the Turtles decorate the Lair with items from the outside world? Cause they want to belong!

Turtles' Beds

Look closer: the Turtles' beds are made from old playground equipment.

Jam Room

Time to Build

It took three months and several phases to build the entire lair

Underground Drain Systems

The Turtles like to call their home a "storm drain" instead of a "sewer". And really, wouldn't you?

Jam Space

The Turtles like to jam out in their practice space and write hit singles. They love all types of music.

Console Room

The Screens Work!

Why do the Turtles have 40 working TVs and monitors? Because 41 would be too many.

Classic Paintings

Behind the screens there are four classic paintings by Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael. No, not the Turtles - the famous painters they're named after!

Skateboard Chair

Why is that the sweetest chair EVER? Because it's made of nine skateboards!

Console Room

Two totally different versions of the Console room appear in the movie. What's different about them? Dude, just see the movie!

Living Room

Pizza Box Couch

It's not shown here, but the Turtles' have a club chair, sofa and table made out of the very FINEST materials: Pizza Boxes!

Lair Construction

The Turtle's lair had to be perfect. That's why it took several design phases and 3 months of construction to finish.