Turtle Lair sewer opening

The Turtle Lair, by the Turtles sometimes referred to as "Sewer Sweet Sewer", was featured in almost every episode of 1987 TV series, except for the Vacation in Europe sideseason.

It was first found by Splinter when he still was Hamato Yoshi, living in the sewers of New York City.

It contains several rooms that they regularly use, including:

  • A lab for Donatello (which is accessible through his bedroom).
  • An eat-in kitchen.
  • A TV room.
  • A practice room for their ninjutsu training.
  • Splinter's bedroom.
  • A large hallway that leads to the Turtles' rooms.
  • Four small roomlike areas that the Turtles use as bedrooms.
  • A hangar for the blimp.
  • A small armory with spare weapons.