Turtle Blimp balloon under remote control.

A Turtle Blimp remote control is a device used by the turtles, to operate the Turtle Blimp balloon during season 2 of the 1987—1996 series. It is seen in the episode Return of the Technodrome.


April and the turtles grabbing the ropes for the remote controlled Turtle Blimp balloon.

When Bebop has fired his raygun at the Turtle Blimp, forcing the turtles and April O'Neil have been forced to separate the glider from the balloon, and the glider is about to fall into the Niagara Falls, Donatello uses the remote control to call back the balloon, sending down ropes. Just in time before the glider falls into the Niagara Falls, the turtles and April grab the ropes and land on the Niagara River shorelines, while the empty glider falls down the waterfalls.

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