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The Turtle Blimp is a fictional zeppelin constructed by Donatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and appears in several fictions amongst the franchise.

The Blimp first appeared during the Opening of the Season 3 first episode Within the Woods.

In the second Opening of the Season 3, which starred in Return to New York, gives a clearer look at the Blimp.

Donatello first revealed the Blimp to his brothers in Battle for New York, Part 1. In this episode, it was instrumental in stopping a Kraang Hive Mind missile intent on scattering mutagen over the entire planet.

In Battle for New York, Part 2, as the Mighty Mutanimals operated the Kraang portal at TCRI, the turtles navigated the Blimp through a portal to Dimension X. But it was destroyed in Dimension X when it was run through by a flying Kraathatrogon and crashed on a floating island. The Mutanimals eventually used the Kraang teleportation devices at TCRI to return the turtles and the kidnapped millions of New Yorkers directly back to New York City, but the Turtle Blimp's wreckage was abandoned in Dimension X.

In Annihilation Earth!, Part 1, the Turtle Blimp was rebuilt and used as part of an assault on the Technodrome, which had become airborne for the first time in two years. However, this blimp was also short-lived, as it was packed with explosives and sent unmanned on a collision with the Technodrome. The resulting explosion blew a hole into the larger vehicle.


  • Shoots Trash Balls



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