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Cluster bombs, laser


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Ariel Transport and Assault


1987 series, Turtles Forever


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The Turtle Blimp is a fictional Zeppelin constructed by Donatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and appears in several fictions among the franchise.


In both the 1987 series and the Archie Comics continuity, the Turtle Blimp was constructed by Donatello using various materials in Baxter Stockmans rooftop lab and apartment. It was used in the climactic battle of the initial mini-series opening with Krang.

After this, became a notable tool in the Turtles arsenal, particularly for transport and aerial battles. It was seemingly destroyed in the opening episode of the ninth season, "The Unknown Ninja," having been badly damaged. It was never seen again in the series after that point.

It was later seen in Turtles Forever in a battle against the upgraded Technodrome in the 2003 universe.


The Turtle Blimp seems to have several advances thanks to the brains of its constructor, with only minimal weapons at its disposal for obvious reasons.

For propulsion, the blimp has two massive turbines in the front wing and a single stabilizer fan in the rear fin. Looking on the actual blimp itself, several other theoretical methods of propulsion are seen, particularly on the toy; however, it is debatable whether these are decorative or otherwise functional.

While as a zeppelin it is slow and cumbersome, the main body can detach for use as a glider which is capable of acrobatic agility and speeds. What is more amazing however, is that this glider can re-attach itself after separation in mid-air. And even if the glider is unable to reattach to the inflated envelope, several long ropes hang from the envelope, allowing the Turtles to dangle from it in the event of a hasty getaway.

Finally, the Turtle Blimp has two main weapons at its disposal: cluster bombs, and a laser-type weapon on the front of the glider body. As with all of the Blimp's functions these are all controlled by a simple main panel in front of the pilot seat.

Its one drawback is that it seems to have only one seat, forcing the other passengers to sit on or beside the turbines.


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