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Order from Chaos, part 2

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the IDW continuity, Turk is a member of the Street Phantoms gang and an associate of Darius Dun. Like all the Phantoms, he wears a special phasing cloak that allows him to phase through solid objects. His signature weapon is a large hammer.

He first appeared in the attempted assassination of Splinter, during which he fought some Foot Ninja in a neighboring room. When Jammer and Maze lost their cloaks and were knocked unconscious, Turk ordered a retreat.

He and Maze were later attacked by Alopex as part of an information-gathering strategy, as Nobody was nearby to record the details of their phasing technology. Some days later, Turk was again drawn into a trap when he, Maze and Turk were lured to a parked truck by Donatello. The turtle was testing technology that allowed him to neutralize the Phantoms' cloaks, and he easily defeated both men.

Along with the other Phantoms, Turk attempted to stop the Foot Clan from invading Dun's corporate building, and encountered the Turtles on their way up. During the fight, he was snared and brought down by Michelangelo's grappling hook.

Along with the other Phantoms, he was stripped of his mask and cloak by the Foot Clan, and witnessed Darius Dun's execution on Splinter's orders. Afterwards, he was released.

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