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Tsunami is an aquatic superhero and member of the Justice Force. He is comparable to the Marvel comics character Namor and the DC Comics character Aquaman.


Tsunami's past, including his origin and how he joined the Justice Force, is unknown. Outside of his power set, it's only known that he resides in Japan, or at least the oceans nearby.

Tsunami first appeared in action during the Triceraton invasion of Earth alongside Silver Sentry, Ananda, and Metal Head. He successfully destroyed several Triceraton fighters with his powers, but was ultimately defeated when he was hit by an energy blast from a Triceraton ship and slammed into Chrysalis, making them plummet back to Earth.

The Lost Episodes

Tsunami next appeared fighting Nano, who was at that time highly confused following a botched reprogramming attempt by Baxter Stockman and was compelled to attack the Justice Force, which was luckily averted by Michelangelo and Leonardo. Later on, Tsunami and the rest of the Justice Force joined the Turtles' assembled strike force against the demonic hordes of the Tengu Shredder.

Fast Forward

Tsunami appears in the episode The Journal.

Back to the Sewer

Tsunami returned in TMNT: Back to the Sewer.[1] He appears in the episodes Super Power Struggle and Wedding Bells and Bytes.

Powers and abilities

Tsunami is an aquakinetic, capable of controlling water. His preferred mode of transportation is to ride a slide consisting of pure water. If need be, he can use water drawn from the slide or ambient water vapor to form attacking pseudopods or physical shields.

While evidence is not provided in the series, owing to the nature of his power it is conceivable that Tsunami is also able to survive underwater. In Space Invaders, Part 2 he also demonstrates the ability to fly, but whether it was under his own power or bestowed by a device remains unknown.



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