Triple Threat as they appeared in Fast Forward
Triple Threat
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David Zen Mansley (Green Head)
Marc Odgers (Red Head)
Sam Riegel (Yellow Head)

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Triple Threat is a three-headed pro wrestler from 2105, who was banned from wrestling for his use of violence in Fast Forward.


The Triple Threat was a professional wrestling stable. His three heads are a red head with a white/grey face-mask and dreadlocks on the far right side of his body, a blue head with one eye in the middle, and a large yellow head on the far left side. He first appeared in the episode "Headlock Prime": in his first appearance, he attempts to steal the championship belt and rob Madison Square Garden, but is beaten by Raphael and Leonardo.

In the episode "Clash of the Turtle Titans", Triple Threat uses a comic book as his guide to becoming a super villain.

In the episode "Race for Glory!", he tries to steal all the vehicles in the O’Neil Tech international road race. He can be seen in the Back to the Sewer episode "Identity Crisis" in Raphael's memory.


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