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Biological information

Triceraton homeworld




Two arms, two legs, tail



Hair color(s)


Eye color(s)


Average Height

10 feet


Immense strength




Horn Headed Freaks, Horn-Heads (by Raphael),


Triceraton Empire






Highly advanced and destructive



Out of universe information

2012 TV series

First appearance

The Wrath of Tiger Claw (flashback cameo)
Dinosaur Seen in Sewers! (introduced)

Created by

Christopher Yost


Triceratons were an alien race that resemble humanoid versions of Earth's Triceratops. Triceratons breathe pure nitrogen and the oxygen in Earth's atmosphere can lead to delusions.


The Triceratons were a powerful alien race with immense strength and durability. As shown in a few episodes, they cannot be harmed by nearly any weapon.


The Triceratons received some minor mentions and cameo appearances in the first seasons of the 2012 animated series.

  • Pizza Face - There's a payphone with "Triceratops are here" written on it along with a triangle symbol.
  • The Wrath of Tiger Claw - During Tiger Claw's flashback where it's location is one of the places that Tiger Claw fought through to get back to Earth. The Triceraton appears to be riding a giant monster into battle.
  • The Invasion, Part 2 - A newspaper features a dinosaur man resembling a triceratops.
  • Dinosaur Seen in Sewers! - The Triceratons make their debut in the series. In this incarnation, the Triceratons originate from Dimension X and are bitter enemies of the Kraang, they struggle with those for supremacy in their homeland. Their culture is similar to their Mirage templates. After the signal activated by Zog is activated, The Triceratons launch an invasion of Earth, to a wipe out the Kraang, which have infiltrated the planet, once and for all.
  • Annihilation Earth! Part 1 - The Triceraton Empire arrive in the Triceraton Mother Ship where they begin their invasion of Earth, taking out the Technodrome, along with Kraang Prime and Kraang Subprime.
  • Annihilation Earth!, Part 2 - Despite the attempts by the Turtles, the Mutanimals, Splinter, and the Foot Clan, the Triceraton Empire activates the Heart of Darkness that ends up destroying Earth as the Fugitoid saves the Turtles, April, and Casey.
  • Beyond The Known Universe - Due to the Fugitoid's actions, the destruction was averted upon time being turned back six months earlier so that he and the Ninja Turtles can prevent the Triceraton Empire from assembling the Heart of Darkness. By the end of the episode, the Fugitoid's ship arrives near Thalos 3 where the Triceratons are.
  • The Moons of Thalos 3 - The Triceraton Empire was shown engaging a fleet of Salamandrians near Thalos 3.
  • The Outlaw Armaggon! - While tracking the Triceratons, Fugitoid revealed that the Triceratons were responsible for the destruction of his original body when he refused to build them weapons.
  • Riddle of The Ancient Aeons - The Triceratons were successful in retrieving the first piece of the Heart of Darkness from a temple on the planet Xaava-Dal.
  • The Arena of Carnage - The Turtles infiltrate the Triceraton Mother Ship to recover the Heart of Darkness fragment only to run into Mozar who throws them in the airlock. Due to being impressed with the Turtles' surviving in the slowly-draining airlock, Emperor Zanmoran contacts Mozar to have them placed in Tri-Arena to fight for their freedom. They also befriend the Triceraton gladiator Zeno who was incarcerated for not wanting to take part in Emperor Zanmoran's plot to assemble the Heart of Darkness. With help from Zeno, the Turtles were able to escape from the Triceraton Flag Ship with the Heart of Darkness fragment.
  • Revenge of the Triceratons - The Triceratons attack the Ulixes in order to reclaim the two Heart of Darkness fragments that the Turtles have collected so far. The Triceratons are successful in their mission.
  • The Ever-Burning Fire - The Triceratons are successful at obtaining the final fragment of the Heart of Darkness from the planet Magdomar with some unlikely help from Lord Dregg. Mozar gets word about Zog discovering the Kraang on Earth as Mozar decides to test the Heart of Darkness on Earth. Mozar then hacks the Ulixes monitors to inform the Turtles that they are going to Earth to uses the Heart of Darkness on it.
  • Earth's Last Stand - Mozar leads the attack on Earth just like before. This time, he gets confused over the fact that there are two Turtle groups attacking them. The Triceraton flagship is later destroyed when Fugitoid activated the fusion core within him and the dark matter core of the Ulixes, which resulted in the Ulixes and the Heart of Darkness exploding in range of the Triceraton flagship.

Known Triceratons


  • The show's producers stated that they're 5 feet wide and twice as tall as a turtle.
    • The turtle used on the series concept charts for scale is 5 feet tall, so a grown Triceraton is 10 feet tall, the height of an actual Triceratops.


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