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The Triceraton Empire is the remaining governing society of Triceratons after their home planet was destroyed by The Kraang's secret weapon: The Heart of Darkness. The Triceratons have since stolen the weapon and used it to destroy the earth, as it was an easy hiding place for Kraang. Professor Zayton Honeycutt and the Ninja Turtles promptly time traveled 6 months before the event happened to have a second chance at stopping them, making them the third primary antagonists of the 2012 TV series and the main antagonist of the fourth season. The empire is mostly occupied by militant soldiers and is led by Triceraton Emperor Zanmoran.


For millennia, the Triceratons and the Kraang have fought over Dimension X. The Kraang used their intelligence to battle, while the Triceratons relied on brute strength and cunning. It seemed the Triceratons would win, but the Kraang used the most powerful weapon in the universe: a black-hole generator that wiped out the Triceraton's whole planet. Only a single Triceraton fleet survived, and they vowed vengeance. Over time the empire got bigger, carried more destructive firepower, found the Heart of Darkness, and resumed their quest to find and exterminate the Kraang.

Dinosaur Seen in Sewers!

The Triceratons mark their debut in the series. In this version the Triceratons originate from Dimension X and are bitter enemies of The Kraang, they struggle with those for supremacy in their homeland. Their culture is similar to their Mirage templates. After the signal activated by Zog is activated, The Triceratons launch an invasion of Earth, to a wipe out the Kraang, which have infiltrated the planet, once and for all.

Annihilation Earth! Part 1

The Triceraton Empire begins their invasion of Earth.

Annihilation Earth!, Part 2

The Triceraton Empire activate the Heart of Darkness that ends up destroying Earth as the Fugitoid saves the Ninja Turtles.

Beyond The Known Universe

Due to the Fugitoid's actions, the destruction was averted upon time being turned back six months earlier so that he and the Ninja Turtless can prevent the Triceraton Empire from assembling the Heart of Darkness. By the end of the episode, the Fugitoid's ship arrives near an icy planet where the Triceratons armada is in orbit.

The Moons of Thalos 3

The Triceraton Empire was shown engaging a fleet of Salamandrians near Thalos 3.

The Outlaw Armaggon!

While tracking the Triceratons, Fugitoid revealed that the Triceratons were responsible for the destruction of his original body when he refused to build them weapons.

Riddle of The Ancient Aeons

The Triceratons were successful in retrieving the first piece of the Heart of Darkness from a temple on the planet Xaava-Dal.

The Arena of Carnage

The Turtles infiltrate the Triceraton Mother Ship to recover the Heart of Darkness fragment only to run into Mozar who throws them in the airlock. Due to being impressed with the Turtles' surviving in the slowly-draining airlock, Emperor Zanmoran contacts Mozar to have them placed in Tri-Arena to fight for their freedom. They also befriend the Triceraton gladiator Zeno who was incarcerated for not wanting to take part in Emperor Zanmoran's plot to assemble the Heart of Darkness. With help from Zeno, the Turtles were able to escape from the Triceraton mothership with the Heart of Darkness fragment.

Revenge of the Triceratons

The Tricearatons managed to retrieve the other piece of the Heart of Darkness from the turtles.

Earth's Last Stand

The Triceratons were all destroyed when the Fugitoid combines the dark matter of the Ulixes' power core with the fusion energy of his own power core, creating a cataclysmic explosion that engulfs the mothership, the Ulixes, and the Heart of Darkness, destroying all of them, and wiping out Mozar and all of his troops in one fall swoop.







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