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Traxus was a cyborg warlord and enemy of Quanin and Krang from Dimension X. This character was created specifically for the IDW comic series.


Traxus was a ruthless warlord in Dimension X, whose ambitions equaled those of Quanin, the aspiring emperor of the Utroms; they became bitter rivals. Eventually, however, Quanin succeeded to imprison his nemesis on the hostile world of Morbus. But Traxus persisted during his captivity and subjected the Utrom prison complex and its inmates, and organized his supporters into an army that would be strong enough to challenge the Utroms. Tragg and Granitor, two of his fellow prisoners, were selected to be his aides and deputies due to their unconditional loyalty to him.

As Traxus' plans were known to the Utroms, a special task force was sent to eliminate Traxus and thus stifle his rebellion. But Traxus had expected this move by the Utroms and thoroughly prepared; the only member of the operations team to have survived was Quanin's son Krang, who had joined the expedition secretly to prove his value to Quanin. On Morbus, Krang learned to fight and survive, and when he was finally ready, he went to the prison and called Traxus out. In his self-confidence Traxus made ​​the mistake of underestimating Krang, and was killed by strangulation by him before he could lay hands on him. His body was recovered by Krang and modified so that henceforth it served as his new exo-suit.

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