The Transcedental lathe is a device built in 2105, designed to create whatever the user thinks of, or as Donatello explained it: "it turns your thoughts into stuff." It first appeared in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward episode Obsolete.


When Cody decided to take the turtles to O'Neil Tech to find parts for the Time Window, Starlee showed them the Transcendental lathe, telling them what it's capable of, while Raph realized it could make them ninja weapons since the Turtles were unarmed. After the Inuwashi Gunjin capture Cody for Darius Dun, the others used this device to create their futuristic weapons (though Mikey created a battlesuit instead of his nunchuks, which later fell apart in the battle). Starlee, expecting this result, created Mikey's nunchuks and had Cody give them to Mikey. (Obsolete)

Other uses by others include Mikey creating a crude Raph puppet (Fly Me to the Moon) or Cody fabricating a journal similar to his grandparents' (The Journal).

Darius later used the machine to upgrade Turtle X's weapons after he had hacked its systems (Turtle X-Tinction).