Toyoduh in The Naked City is a short story starring Toyoduh of the Green-Grey Sponge-Suit Sushi Turtles! It was printed in Turtle Soup volume 2, #1

Appearing in The Naked City

Major characters

Minor characters

  • Detectives
  • O'Leary (debut)
  • Old lady



Toyoduh is singing in the shower, when suddenly he is interrupted by a knock at the door. Because he can't find his glasses, he injures himself trying to get the door. The knocker turns out to be Toyoduh's archenemy The Shooter, although without his glasses, he can't tell. Shooter pretends to be "Mr. Jones", representing the "Sight-For-Four-Eyes" (SF4E) glasses cleaning service and offers to clean Toyoduh's glasses. Toyoduh tells him he can't even find his glasses, but Shooter says they also offer a "glasses finding service" and pulls out a pair of x-ray specs to give to the turtle.

Noticing that everything looks weird through the glasses, Toyoduh runs through town, chasing the "salesman". He comes across an old lady, and sees her as being naked. Toyoduh wraps his towel around her and she calls for police. Officer O'Leary comes running, and the old lady tells him to arrest the turtle for making "lewd remarks" and exposing himself. O'Leary bonks Toyoduh over the head with his nightstick and knocks off the glasses, while Toyoduh bemoans being arrested for indecency by a "naked" cop.

Back at the police precinct, Toyoduh states his case to a coat rack, which he thinks is a judge. The two detectives on duty just want to get rid of him, so one of them tells him that Merv Griffin paid off the judge and that he's free to go. Toyoduh heads back for a another shower.

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