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IDW Publishing

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Dimension X issue 5

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Devin Grayson
Craig Rousseau

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the IDW continuity, Totus is a planet in Dimension X.


It is the fifth planet to host a witness sought for the trial of Krang. It contains only botanical life, and as it has an integrated ecosystem which connects every living organism on it (save the mutants), the entire planet itself is essentially the fifth witness.

Due to its neutrality in all wars, Krang decided to use Totus for his experimental weapons testing. This resulted in a wasteland area, and mutated creatures that were not a part of Totus' integrated ecosystem.

Hakk-R came to Totus to assassinate the final witness, which based on his data was called Occuli. However, after he killed one of the Occuli, it became apparent that it was just one of an entire species of Occuli, and the assassination job was not going to be that simple. The Turtles landed on Totus and encountered Hakk-R slaying a bunch of Occuli. He was chased off, and the Turtles and their Polyglot guide headed to the wasteland, which had been created by Krang's experiments. There, they were attacked by Poly-95480, a Polyglot mutated by the experiments. After coming to an agreement, the Turtles convinced Totus to let Poly-95480 (nicknamed "Polly"), to go with them to act as Totus' representative at Krang's trial.


  • Totus is Latin for "all; everything; together; complete."


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