Toon Vernon 1992 figure
Channel 6 Camerman!

Vital Toontistics

Toon Tools: Animated Toon Television, Press Pass, Mini-cassette Headset, Pencil Knife, Video Camera Gun, Clipboard Shield
Favorite Saying: "Report the news? I am the news!"
Favorite Pastime: Talking
When the action hits the fan and the streets are ablaze with hard-hitting news, you can always find Vernon right there - right under his desk in the Channel 6 newsroom. He's a colorful coward who knows all fears. The only thing that gets this rascally reporter going is trying to scoop April on a news story. But even weasels are ready for trouble. And that's why Vernon carries a pencil knife to poke and probe the foolish Foot Clan. And when a good pointy swipe isn't enough, Vernon pulls out his video camera gun and starts mowin' down madmen! After the streets have cleared of action, Vernon loves to direct the news crew and shoot his own story - in the foot!

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