Toon Tools: Animated Toon Television, Toon Katana Blades ,Turtle Commmunicator, Toon Turtle Pizza Disc
Favorite Saying: "Brush off, bad boy!"
Favorite Color: Turtle Green
Leo's leapin' off the small screen and into your life. This animated, amphibious Toon-lovin' leader is ready to take to the streets in colorful Foot-fightin' style. He's brought with him all the Toon Tools he needs to erase the dundering doodleheads of the real world. Stand back as he unleashes his mighty, Toon Katana Blades on the unsuspecting Foot. Watch as Leo lets loose and rids the real world of irresponsible ink blots like Shredder. And when Leo sees trouble, you'll know it by the way his eyes pop from his head. Splinter says if the wind changes direction when he's doing that, his eyes will bulge forever! So look out multi-colored crooks of the world-Leo's got his eyes on you!


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