The Butcher
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White (Italian-American)


Tony Vivaldi

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Laser Gun


Mob boss

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Tony "The Butcher" Vivaldi is a character from the 1987 TV series episode "The Maltese Hamster". He and his men begin robbing shops and banks using advanced weaponry. The Turtles conclude they must have gotten their weapons from Shredder. They attack and vandalize antique shops in search of a statue of a hamster. Which April O'Neil had recently purchased. They kidnap Michelangelo, Raphael, Splinter and Leonardo, but Donatello escapes and goes to April O'Neil for help. The Butcher reports to Shredder that they are not finding the statue and Shredder proposes he use a super-conducting magnet and set it to "antiques" to empty out every antique shop in a fifty mile radius to pull the antiques right to his headquarters in order to find the statue. Donatello & April decide to follow the floating antiques to find the hideout of the Butcher. April and Donatello overhear The Butcher explain to Shredder that they can't find the Maltese Hamster.

April and Donatello escape a confrontation with The Butcher and his men and head back to April's apartment. Donatello is convinced that the thing that Shredder wants is April's statue which coincidentally gets delivered to April's apartment shortly after they arrive. Donatello instructs April to meet him at the docks at midnight and gets into a chat with the Butcher while disguised in a TV set and has The Butcher explain the statue's history and why Shredder wants it. When The Butcher learns that he has been tricked, he and his boys try to exterminate Donatello who steals one of Shredder's guns and escapes.

At midnight Shredder arrives at the docks to meet The Butcher and his men and learns they do not have the Maltese Hamster. Donatello shows up with the statue and offers it to Shredder in exchange for the lives of the 3 Turtles & Splinter. He gives it to Shredder who orders The Butcher and his men to execute the Turtles & Splinter when April saves them by destroying the statue with Shredder's own laser weapon. The Shredder blames The Butcher and takes back his guns teleporting them to the Technodrome. The Shredder escapes while The Butcher & his guys are neutralized and left for the police.