Tonfā (トンファー) is a weapon of Okinawan origin. They are wooden cudgels with handles at the side.

At various times, Foot Ninja have been seen wielding tonfā.

Raphael used tonfā as his training weapon in "The Passing".

Perri Grey equips a nightstick, a variation of the tonfā often associated with modern law enforcement.

Michaelangelo brandished them in Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation as his normal weapon due to censorship in Europe which led to his 1987 counterpart not using Nunchaku in the European airings of the 1987 TV Series & the same for his live action movie counterpart as well.

In the 2003 TV series, it was used by Leonardo in the episode "The Big Brawl, Part 2" when fighting along side with Miyamoto Usagi against the Dark Ninja Assassins. They were also used by the Mokusai no Bushi.

Raphael is seen equipping them amongst many other weapons in "Showdown", although he never seems to use any of them.

The tonfā is also Raphael's primary weapon in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.