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The Real World, Part 1

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Rachael Lillis

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Tomoe Ame is an anthropomorphic cat from the Usagi Yojimbo comics. She appears in the 2003 TV series episode "The Real World, Part 1".


Tomoe Ame was the retainer of Lord Noriyuki and was escorting him to the capital city of Edo to protect him from the constant attacks made by Lord Hebi, the snake lord who coveted Noriyuki's lands. En route, they ran into Leonardo, who was transported to their dimension by Ultimate Drako. Tomoe Ame mistook Leonardo for one of the ninja Hebi was sending after them and attacked him. Leonardo disarmed her but refrained from taking her life, forcing Tomoe Ame to apologize, (a reference to the Usagi comics, as Usagi and Tomoe had a similar encounter upon their first ever meeting). Then suddenly, Mogura Ninja attacked. Despite Tomoe Ame's best efforts, she was captured and brought before Hebi, who decided to use her to lure Noriyuki and Miyamoto Usagi to him. Hebi sent a message to Noriyuki's party, informing them that Tomoe Ame would be executed for her crimes against him. Noriyuki made the decision to rescue Tomoe Ame, but he, Usagi and Gennosuke were captured. Luckily, Leonardo evaded captured and returned to free them. In the insuring fight, the samurai freed themselves before cornering Hebi. Hebi was then forced to flee as the Shogun's army had arrived at his palace. It is then presumed at the end of the episode, Tomoe Ame succeeds in bringing Noriyuki to Edo.


  • In the beginning of "The Real World, Part 1", Splinter is teaching Leonardo the Falling Rain swordplay style. This is the style Ame uses, which was founded by her father.
  • What appears to be a human version of Ame is seen in "Secret Origins, Part 1".
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