Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Alopex "Sorry, lil' guy, but you're distracting. Shoo!"

Nobody "Damn it!"

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Nobody "Stupid piece a' junk!"

Nobody "Argh! Why won't you work?!"

Alopex "Angel! What are you yelling about?!"

Nobody "My dumb armor! I think I got the tracking system and recording log fixed, but I'm not sure. I ain't a genius like Harold."

Alopex "Can I come in or are you gonna, like, shoot lasers at me?"

Nobody "Yeah, yeah, come on in, Alopex."

Alopex "Didn't Harold email you a tutorial?"

Nobody "He did, but it's filled with science words I'm pretty sure he made up."

Alopex "Well, whatever, forget that stuff. Let's go explore! It's a nice day. Nature!"

Nobody "Okay... I can test out if my adjustments work on this thing."

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Nobody "We should get everyone out here for a party. We could have a big bonfire!"

Alopex "Um... I think I need quiet right now. I just need to take it easy. No parties."

Nobody "Yeah, okay... I wasn't thinking. After all your Kitsune stuff, you definitely need a break."

Alopex "Thanks. I know I'm being a drag but... Thanks for being here with me, Angel."

Nobody "Pfft. Don't mention it."

Alopex "I keep thinking I could stay here."

Alopex "Away from all the stupid fighting in the city. Away from the drama."

Nobody "For real? You'd just leave it all behind?"

Alopex "Maybe. I suppose I have to involved sort of, since I'm a mutant, but... I'll admit I'm pretty tired of it all."

Alopex "What about you? You could leave whenever you wanted to."

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Nobody "Yeah, but I wanna help the turtles, April, and everyone, y'know?"

Nobody "Besides them being my friends, it's like... It makes me feel useful."

Alopex "Ooh, look, canoe!"

Alopex "Like a sense of purpose?"

Nobody "Yeah, totally. A sense of purpose. I dunno what I'd be doin' with myself otherwise."

Nobody "It keeps me on track and makes me feel like I'm doin' something with my life."

Nobody "You never feel like that? What would you do if you left all the fighting behind? What about Raph?"

Alopex "...Let's go out on the lake."

Nobody "Oh... Okay?"

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Nobody "Weird, what are all these flowers?"

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Nobody & Alopex "Aaagh!"

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Alopex "Oof!"

Nobody "Alopex, you okay?"

Alopex "Yeah, I think so. Where the heck are we?"

Nobody "Good thing I had this on! Huh. The tracking device says we're still in Northampton, but... A buncha other places, too."

Nobody "The indicator is goin' nuts, skipping around to other locations."

Nobody "It's on some weird frequency."

Alopex "What's that even mean?"

Nobody "Well, when you're swalloed by a toadzilla, I gu—"



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Alopex "Should we follow it?"

Nobody "I think we have to."

Nobody ··I hate these slimy things...··

Alopex ··Shh! You might offend them.··

Nobody ··One of them ate us! They offended me first!··

Nobody "What the hell..."

Alopex "Angel! Don't get lost!"

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Alopex "This looks important..."

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Toad Baron "Well, I heard from an acquaintance that she bathes only once a month."

Toad Baron "Oh, I know, I know! Dreadful!"

Toad Baron "Oh! You're here!"

Toad Baron "Magnificent! I certainly can see what all the commotion is about."

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Toad Baron "What do they call you? A mutant? Such a perfect one, white and cold as the fallen snow, but with a sublime fire inside."

Toad Baron "And the icy blue on your face suits you so well! Lovely."

Nobody "Hey! Don't touch her!"

Toad Baron "How dare you...!"

Nobody "Urgggh... What the hell..."

Nobody "So sick all of a sudden..."

Toad Baron "Rude! Those who strike their host will suffer the consequences!"

Alopex "Who are you, anyway?!"

Toad Baron "I am the Toad Baron."

Toad Baron "The gourmand of delights, he who swallowed the second sea, he who stood at the abyss of history, keeper of the night's oath, I am that which embitters unfulfilled wishes, I am the—"

Nobody "Okay!"

Nobody "We get it! What is going on here?!"

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Toad Baron "You are in my palace, the Den of Delights. Behold its splendor."

Alopex ··Let's play along until we can figure out how to get out of here. Be nice.··

Nobody ··Okay, okay. I can't hit him without almost barfing, anyway, so I'm out of my usual ideas.··

Alopex "It's, uh, all really, um, stupendous! The food, the decor... Unparalleled!"

Nobody "Yeah, "dope." You got some sorta big party coming up?"

Toad Baron "Oh, yes. Every one hundred years my family gathers for the banquet of gods, the feast of the Pantheon, and we discuss important matters."

Toad Baron "This time I am hosting. And unlike my kin, pleasure is my purpose, so I shall make this an event exceptional! Its legacy will live on forever!"

Alopex "Oh, uh, how nice to be invited...? Your family... I think we might be familiar with them. Aka? Rat King?"

Alopex "...Kitsune?"

TOad Baron "Yes, yes. They are rather tiresome bores, but one cannot choose family."

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Nobody ··Ugh, another Pantheon guy. Great.··

Alopex ··Who knows if he's good like Aka, or... Like Kitsune.··

Nobody ··He seems terrible so far.··

Toad Baron "What? No word escapes Toad Baron! I hear all gossip let loose by careless tongues!"

Toad Baron "You may think you know us, but we are not so simple. We are all unique, with our own set of methods and predilections."

Toad Baron "Yes, Kitsune deceives with her cunning and trickery, and nothing amuses Rat King so much as spreading chaos..."

Toad Baron "...But the Toad Baron seeks pleasure and revelry!"

Toad Baron "And this shall be a gathering of delight untold!"

Nobody "Okay, so, this sounds great or whatever, but we don't want to be at your delight untold party thing."

Nobody "How do we leave?"

Toad Baron "Haw haw! Stupid mortal!"

Toad Baron "Why would you ever wish to leave?"

Toad Baron "You shall be entertained beyond what any mere earthly shindig could offer."

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Toad Baron "Wait! I see, I have neglected my duties as host, a very serious role."


Toad Baron "Come, feast on these sumptuous appetizers, rare and decadent."

Alopex "Uh-um, no, thank you."

Nobody "Yeah, we just ate. And I'm a vegetarian."

Toad Baron "Please. I will accept no refusal."

Alopex "Well... Okay, maybe just a little bite..."

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Alopex "Hey, this is pretty good."

Nobody "Mmmfrm!"

Alopex "Maybe we should, like... Hang out for a bit?"

Nobody "We could do... Recon, and find out more about this place...?"

Nobody "Yeah... Recon..."

Nobody "Whoa..."

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Nobody "Wait... What..."

Nobody "Alopex! Why are we dancing?!"

Nobody "How long have we been dancing?!"

Alopex "I... I don't know! We were talking to Toad Baron, and..."

Nobody "Must be that food we ate! Come on!"

Nobody "We gotta find a way out!"

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Alopex "We're stuck here forever!"

Nobody "No, stop, no way, there's gotta be a way out!"

Toad Baron "Stupid mortals!"

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Toad Baron "The real party begins when my family gets here, they will be so pleased to see you."

Alopex "There's no way in hell!"

Toad Baron "I do think Kitsune in particular will be happy to see you, Alopex."

Toad Baron "There is no leaving here. Once you're a guest at my party, you will stay..."

Toad Baron "...Forever."

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