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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Toad Baron's Ball, part 1 is the primary story in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe issue 9.


Alopex and Nobody are looking for a little rest and relaxation but get more than they ask for when they become the unwilling guests of a never-ending party thrown by the hedonistic Toad Baron!

An important lead-in to a future TMNT ongoing story!


Alopex and Angel are in Northampton, where a frustrated Angel is trying to maintain her armor, and Alopex is recovering from her run-ins with Kitsune. They ride a boat out onto the lake, only to be swallowed by a monstrous frog rising out of the water.

They land in a strange stone building, and find themselves in a vast, never-ending party full of anthropomorphic frogs, lost humans and strange flying fish. Presiding over the Den of Delights is the Toad Baron, a vast hedonistic frog who welcomes them to his party and seems particularly interested in Alopex. He reveals that he is hosting a once-a-century gathering of his family—including Kitsune, Aka and the Rat King—and that nobody ever gets to leave the Den of Delights once he's pulled them in.

After trying his food, Alopex and Angel start getting woozy and enjoy the party, until finally Angel snaps out of it and tries to find a way out. But every door leads to more bizarre partygoers rather than an exit, and the Toad Baron declares that they will never leave his party...




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