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Timmy Two Shoes
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New York City, Earth


Petty thief

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Big Trouble in Little Italy

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the IDW continuity, Timmy Two Shoes is a small-time street crook who frequently associates with his friend Kanada. The pair inadvertently sparked off massive changes in the New York City underground when they stopped in the middle of a street to examine Casey Jones' fallen bat. This event caused a car crash and the loss of a briefcase full of diamonds being paid by the Savate Ninjas to the Foot Clan.

With no idea of what was in the briefcase, Kanada and Timmy set out to steal it from the homeless man, Kid Kennedy, who had accidentally taken possession of it. They were immediately beaten up by Brooklyn S. Bridge and Fight'n Ferguson, and driven away from the Skara Brae. However, they continued scheming to reclaim the briefcase, only to be held at gunpoint by Max Frezatto and Louis Royo, who also were in pursuit of the diamonds.

The pair reappeared during the City Fall arc, when Raphael was searching the streets for any news of where the Foot might be keeping Leonardo. He tracked down Timmy and began interrogating him, only to be unsuccessfully attacked by both thieves. With no choice but to talk, Timmy told Raphael where to find the crooked cops Richard Miller and Frank Corbin.

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