The Time Scepter (sometimes referred to as the Sceptre of the Sands of Time) is an object that shows up in several Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles continuities. It is normally associated with Lord Simultaneous and Renet, though this version of the staff is an exception.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III


Unlike the other incarnations of the item, in the third live-action movie the Scepter is not connected with Simultaneous, Renet, or any other associated characters.

Instead, it is bought by April as a gift to Splinter at a Japanese flea market. In feudal Japan, Kenshin also holds the scepter, causing him to switch places with April, landing him in the present while she travels to medieval Japan.

In order to activate it, at least one of the users must speak the inscription on it "Open Wide the Gates of Time". Also, the people who are switched must have the same weight, as Don calls it "It's equal mass displacement!". Also when both users switch place, they also switch clothes, which shown them to fit them well.



The scepter later briefly appears in the memorial closet of Master Splinter during the ending scenes of the 2007 animated movie.


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