The Time Scepter is an object that shows up in several TMNT continuities. It is normally associated with Lord Simultaneous and Renet.


It first appeared in issue 8 when Renet "borrows" her boss' scepter. It would later appear in The Return of Savanti Romero.

Movie III


The scepter in the 3rd live action movie.

Unlike the other incarnations of the item, in the third live-action movie the Scepter is not connected with Simultaneous, Renet, or any other associated characters. Instead, it is bought by April as a gift to Splinter. In feudal Japan, Kenshin also holds the scepter, causing him to switch places with April, landing him in the present while she travels to medieval Japan. In order to activate it, the user must speak the inscription on it "Open Wide the Gates of Time". Also the people who are switched must have the same weight, as Don calls it "It's equal mass displacement!".

Movie IV

The scepter later briefly appears in the memorial closet of Master Splinter during the closing scenes of the 2007 animated movie.

2003 Cartoon

The Time Scepter first appeared in the third season episode Time Travails. In the 2003 Series the Time Scepter is described as "Having a mind of it's own" as Lord Simultaneous explained to the Turtles. An example of this is in the episode The Real World, Part 2 Where the Time scepter, Combined with the Ultimate Daimyo's War Staff brought the Turtles together and the helped destroy Ultimate Drako.

In the Return of Savanti, Part 1 it also became clear that the Time Scepter can "overheat" probably due to over use or being so sensitive to a sudden and dramatic change in the timeline and in Part 2 it is also unbelievably durable as it can survive being digested. Savanti also described this as being "omnipotent".

Video Games

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare, Ultimate Drako steals Simultaneous' Time Scepter and uses it to warp the Turtles across different alternate dimensions.

In the GBA TMNT game, the Time Scepter is a trophy you get for finishing all acts quickly.

The Time Scepter makes a re-appearance in the packed-in comic book for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash-Up, where Donatello uses it in an attempt to instantaneously transport the Turtles, Splinter, April, and Casey to The Shredder's Japanese headquarters. The Scepter malfunctions, and the group ends up hopping to an Amazon rainforest and feudal Japan before finally arriving at their destination.

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