And yet this massive hate on the '87 series apparently isn't offending in the slightest. I, myself, get irritated because this isn't "I hate this, and talk about this every once and a while," it's "I hate this and will make it known everywhere that I hate this." Literally every chance you get, you have to mock the series. Don't like the new episode, it ultimately comes back to 87. And you think that mocking the series makes you feel better. Mocking others creative ideas, and indirectly their fanbase.

You claim to be civil, yet your comments are hateful and forceful for some dumb cartoon from the 80s. I liked it, I don't mind people not liking it, but I don't want people to constantly remind me that they hate it. You claim to be offended, but seem to think that 87 fans aren't to be taken seriously.

At the end of the day, TMNT is about humanoid turtles who use ninjutsu.

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