Ah man, I'm sorry!

I kinda...Okay, screw excuses. I'll just say, I was ignorant. Sorry.

And if it's any easier for you, you can call me Stan. It's a pen name.

Now let's see here...

I thought it was a nice comic. Very "Family-ish" and then, WHAM! EVERYONE STARTS KILLING EACHOTHER!

So, in that case, I was REALLY caught off guard. 

And to be honest, I never gave the "who gave them the fancy sword" much of a thought. I was a little too "WTF???"

And I LOVE Leo's dark side. Watching my favorite characters die or turn bad is my favorite!

And I have no clue what I'd do if I were Mike. Now if were in that situation, I would probably go a little insane, and become a Nightwatcher style (See TMNT 2007) killer vigilante. Spill some guts to blow off steam.

And the Old Guy? I was all: AAAAHHHH!!!

And Poor Don?...I LOVE IT. GO DARK SIDE.

And newbies? I dunno. Maybe.

So, I hope those answers were satisfactory! I look forward to chatting some more with you!

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