• It's been ages since I last saw that series as a kid. Watching "The Weird world of Wyrm" was almost exactly like said episode, except with Turtles and two humans and a robot rather than a team of cybernetic monkeys and a human. The ending was actually pretty predictable. This wasn't the best episode of Season 4, but it certainly wasn't the worst so far. But I do hope we get a better episode next week.

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    • My problem is  not so much the episode itself but the placement, its clearly an episode 7 and not a three. But hey, making no sense also works with Wyrm's theme so whatevs!

      And yeah it was predictable, it was supposed to be as a reference! Thank you Ciro Nieli, for not forgetting your fans.

      Also on Honneycut's screens you can see a PICTURE of the Wigglnog! Is there a cross over in our future?

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    • I just realized that this season basically is a copy of SRMTHG's space season, both feature the main group traveling to space to stop the destruction of earth by a powerful villain. I.E. the skeleton worm and in TMNT the triceraton. Ironically most of the voice actors in the show played characters in SRMTHG Kevin Michael Richardson/Shredder who plays Antauri and Cloggy Colon Creature, Ashley Johnson/Renet as Jinmay, Clancy Brown/Chris Bradford as Otto, Greg Cipes/Mikey as Chiro, Tom Kenny/Professor Tyler Rockwell as Gibson and Sokko, and Corey Feldman?Slash as Sparx. In addition James Hong plays as Mandarin, Jeffrey Combs as Gyrus Kringle, John Kassir/Dream Beavers as Wigglenog the character who Wyrm and this episode are based off of, Scott Meleville as Slingshot.

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